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Hi, I'm Nannapat Sage.

Executive Coach | Leadership Consultant | Chief Reinvention

I work with Business Leaders and Executives to enhance their leadership capability and build high-performing teams, enabling them to make a greater impact and advance in their executive careers.

Navigating Change with Confidence.

In today's fast-paced world, change is relentless. The speed of technological advancements, shifting market dynamics, and global challenges mean that uncertainty is now a standard part of our daily lives.

Traditional leadership methods are no longer enough in this environment. As a leader, you need agility, resilience, and a commitment to innovative growth to stay ahead.

I provide strategies that focus on enhancing your ability to learn, adapt, and evolve, preparing you to lead confidently through change.

Step into the future and become a Future-Ready Leader today.

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Team Performance & Engagement Booster

Discover the root cause of low engagement, conflicts, and missed targets so you know how to fix those problems and start building a High-Performing Team that Achieves Your Business Goals and Objectives.

Leadership Enhancement Workshops

Interactive learning experiences that are both engaging and transformative. We cover a wide range of topics, including leadership and team development, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and more.

Executive Leadership Coaching

1:1 Coaching Support for Aspiring Leaders and Executives to enhance your leadership capability, executive presence and influence so that you can feel more confident as a strategic executive leader. 


Nannapat Sage

Nannapat (Nanna) Sage is an accredited, ICF-Certified Global Executive Coach and Talent Management Consultant with a rich background in consulting, executive recruiting, and leadership development. Her expertise lies in steering leaders and organizations through the ever-evolving landscape of modern business.

Recognized as one of the Top Leadership Coaches by the Coach Foundation and a Leader in Executive Coaching by The International Association of Women (IAW), Nannapat is known for her work with executives across the globe. She specializes in enhancing their strategic influence and executive presence, equipping them to make a more significant impact on their teams and businesses.

Her passion for leadership extends beyond coaching; she is dedicated to helping leaders and teams not only navigate but also thrive amidst the complexities of change and uncertainty. Nannapat is the driving force behind Potentia, a consulting firm that focuses on delivering leadership solutions tailored for mid-sized local and global companies. Under her guidance, Potentia has become synonymous with fostering adaptable, resilient leadership in an ever-changing business world.

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